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Top 5 Industrial REIT

Top 5 Industrial REIT - Multi-Market Turnkey Managed Program

The Challenge

Mantis has been helping this Top 5 Industrial REIT (by market cap) navigate a complex real estate sales landscape that spans six markets with varying climates, tenants, and environmental restrictions for over seven years.

US Map


Facilities Currently Under Management

50M+ sq ft

Roof Area Under Management

10+ FTEs

Outsourced vs In-House Headcount


Annual Wage Savings


  • Limited, subjective third-party opinions
  • Limited quality standards when acquiring portfolios
  • Inconsistency with prioritizing projects when balancing tenant preference with the severity of repair needs
  • Multiple consultants for multiple trades
  • Insufficient in-house staff and expertise
  • Shoe-string budgets


  • Thorough, objective due diligence process
  • 10-year Asset Management Plan with priorities for maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, and replacement that accounts for tenant sensitivity
  • Full-service, end-to-end, turnkey roof program management
  • Offloaded payroll concerns
  • Value-engineered projects that prioritize high ROI re-covers over high-cost replacements

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