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The Challenge

This client installed solar arrays on 500 stores, many of which had roofs that would not last the length of these new contracts.

The Goal

Align roof service life with solar lease length to avoid the costs of removing the arrays to perform roof replacements.

The Solution

  • Assess which roofs do not need attention, which may be aligned with repairs, and which will require removal and put-back of the array.
  • Focus on developing a repair plan to address the roofs that could have their life extended to align with the length of the lease, thereby avoiding excess cost.
  • Plan, manage, and ensure quality on all repairs.

The Result

While not all roofs could be saved, significant opportunities to avoid cost were uncovered through project discovery, decision-making support, and proper planning.

With over $10M in estimated cost avoidance for the initial 30 stores repaired, vital budget dollars have been freed up to execute life-extending repairs on additional buildings.


Stores with new solar installs


Per store cost to remove an array


Stores with roofs that could be aligned with solar lease length


Stores with repairs complete to date


Approximate total cost avoidance

Project Benefits

Identified options for restoration

Restoration, in lieu of reconstruction, is a high ROI impact activity when available

Cost avoidance

Implementing a sound program can uncover opportunities to eliminate unecessary expense

Planning for the future

New solar projects are being viewed differently with better consideration for existing conditions

Realocating funds

By reducing cost, organizations are able to focus their budget on other priorities

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