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Ways to Work on Your Net Zero Targets


Every industry faces its own set of issues, and Mantis pride ourselves on tackling industry needs with a breadth of solutions available and ROI at the forefront.


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About Mantis Innovation

Transforming today's performance into tomorrow's success

As more businesses journey towards increased sustainability, they need experienced partners to transform today’s operations into tomorrow’s results. Mantis Innovation delivers smart, sustainable solutions to improve facility performance from any starting point along this journey.

We provide managed facility services and turnkey program management with technology-enabled solutions that target the entire building footprint from roofs, walls, and pavement, to HVAC, lighting and power.

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Several of our Mantis Innovation teams offer a complimentary energy use evaluation, including analysis of current utility bills and system
energy demand.

We augment in-house technology with world-class engineering, budget forecasting, and ingenious procurement methodology. Mantis empowers clients to leverage their facility data – and makes it accessible to key decisionmakers from the C-Suite to the boiler room.

What makes our sustainability solutions different

Comprehensive solutions

Comprehensive solutions mean we engineer programs designed for your goals that cover all aspects of equipment performance

Decades of experience

Our teams have decades of experience working in building solutions and sustainability - let our experience be your advantage

Custom program management

The Mantis approach includes customized project development with a focus on long-term results

Solutions for the entire facility footprint

Mantis Innovation offers solutions that can stand alone or work together to target the entire facility

About Mantis Innovation

Mantis Innovation is the premier provider of smart, sustainable solutions that deliver better building performance, improved energy efficiency, and optimized budgeting through managed facility services and turnkey program management. Mantis leverages expertise from a vast array of professional disciplines in engineering, comprehensive data collection and analysis, technology-enabled solutions, and a network of trusted partners.

We offer a full suite of services including; strategic energy procurement and demand response; climate impact reduction and reporting; solar, roofing, building envelope, HVAC, and pavement, assessment, capital planning, design, and construction management; and lighting, HVAC/mechanical and building automation systems improvements and implementation. Mantis is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with office locations across the United States from Massachusetts to Washington.

Who We Are

Mantis Innovation is composed of experienced consultants, energy brokers, engineers / architects, data analysts, project managers, surveyors.

We approach every challenge with myriad viewpoints from world-class staff to unleash ingenious, custom outcomes. We’ll write you a roadmap towards better building performance, designed with your goals at the forefront.

The Mantis Innovation mission statement sits at the core of
who we are

Our mission is to improve global sustainability by delivering smart solutions that reimagine facility performance.

Our mission statement explains our reason for being and what we do to offer meaningful sustainability solutions with powerful business results.

We believe in bringing our values to the forefront of every interaction


We are determined to not give up until a problem is solved or we achieve our objectives.


We hold ourselves to a high standard in everything we do.


We believe in taking responsibility for delivering on our commitments.


We believe in the power of discovery, asking questions, listening closely and wondering why.


We present ourselves in a way that is respectful of others and believe that our ideas become even better when combined with those of others.

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