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Ways to Work on Your Net Zero Targets


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Target energy use and equipment performance through strategic efficiency projects

HVAC solutions for comprehensive facility improvement

Heating and cooling are the most basic elements to an HVAC system. How well they are designed, maintained and run over time can affect the efficiency – and cost – of running a building.

There are many opportunities to implement solutions for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) and mechanical energy efficiency that result in significant savings.

We engineer complex, turnkey HVAC solutions, many of which can be combined with other energy savings measures and often qualify for significant utility incentive dollars.

Improve HVAC Sustainability

Contact us today to schedule your no cost facility performance audit to evaluate your HVAC systems and identify opportunities for improvement.

Benefits of HVAC Efficiency Solutions

Equipment Longevity

Upgraded Systems

Improved Operations

Lower Energy Use

See our efficiency team in action

This project at a biotech facility brought some much needed improvements to a dated system. Mantis Innovation's Efficiency Solutions team was able to add better airflow and more redundancy while also improving efficiency with this design.


The percentage of US energy use by commercial/industrial industries is high with a huge amount of energy consumed by HVAC and mechanical support systems.

In fact, 40% of commercial building energy results from HVAC systems.

Importantly, 10% to 30% of the total energy use is used by support systems, (HVAC, process heating and cooling, exhaust systems, etc.) where efficiency improvements can be made without disruption of process.

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