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Ways to Work on Your Net Zero Targets


Every industry faces its own set of issues, and Mantis pride ourselves on tackling industry needs with a breadth of solutions available and ROI at the forefront.


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Complimentary Energy Analysis

No time like the present to discover new ways to improve your energy strategy with an energy analysis

We offer this complimentary Energy Analysis to analyze your consumption profile and financial goals. We can then advise on supplier contracts as well as energy efficiency solutions and green power options.

Additionally, if you qualify, we offer no-cost review your facility systems, specifically focused on energy use, by an experienced efficiency specialist, designed to deliver potential energy efficiency retrofits and opportunities to improve procurement strategy. 

Let's get started

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What you'll get - at no cost

Custom program recomendations

Every building's demands differ - so not every energy audit or analysis is the same. We'll build a custom program to meet your needs

Benefits analysis

Mantis Innovation energy experts and engineers will review which benefits will have the most impact on your buildings

How to lower costs

From securing the best possible rates to discussing utility incentives, we'll explore the funding aspect of your solutions

We want to learn more about your facility operations

How are you currently procuring your energy?

What are you struggling to do with the budget you have?

How can an efficiency strategy meet your sustainability goals?

Mantis Innovation features an array of possible solutions to meet your goals

Let's talk and learn more about how you're striving to become more sustainable, cut costs, improve environmental impact, increase efficiency, or target other aims for your building performance.

Energy Procurement

Energy procurement from a wide variety of suppliers, including fixed, index, hybrid, aggregation, and green power options.

Green Energy Solutions

Reducing your carbon footprint, contributing less to pollution and climate change

LED Lighting

LED lighting fixture and/or lamp retrofits, replacements, advanced lighting controls.


Boilers, chillers, motor retrofits, AHU/RTU retrofits, VFDs, and controls.

About Mantis Innovation

Mantis Innovation is the premier provider of smart solutions that deliver better building performance through managed facility services and turnkey program management. Mantis leverages expertise from a vast array of professional disciplines in engineering, comprehensive data collection and analysis, technology-enabled solutions, and a network of trusted partners.

The Mantis Innovation managed solutions include energy procurement, demand management, solar, roofing, building envelope, pavement, LED lighting, HVAC/mechanical, building automation systems, and data center optimization. Mantis is headquartered in Houston, Texas, with 17 locations across the United States from Massachusetts to Washington. 

Looking for better building performance? Your search is over.

Have other questions to address? Contact us to find out how the Mantis Innovation approach is a new way of managing today's operations for a tomorrow's results.