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Contract Vehicles

Helping public agencies expedite the procurement process and ensure quality and safety

Federal GSA Schedule Contract

Our GSA Schedule Contract, making it extremely easy to purchase a variety of Facilities Maintenance and Management services directly from us at rates already negotiated with the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Federal Supply Service.

Federal Supply Schedule 56: Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies

Contract Number: GS-07F-158BA

Period Covered by Contract: April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2024

We have extensive experience helping federal government clients comply with Executive Order 13327: Federal Real Property Asset Management.

  • We are experts at data integration with the  ROOFER/BUILDER software platform.
  • We understand the needs of our government clients including reporting functions such as certified payroll, subcontracting reports, submittal process, and billing procedures.
  • We self-perform more than 99% of our work and are in complete compliance with E-Verify mandates.
  • We recognize the importance of doing the job right the first time.
  • We have a 100% completion rate on our projects.
  • None of our contracts have had change orders.
  • We accept p-cards and all major credit cards.

Ordering services through our GSA contract assists you by: 

  • Expediting your purchasing process with pre-negotiated pricing
  • Creating shorter lead times
  • Lowering administrative costs
  • Meeting small business goals
  • Ingenuity unleashed. Results delivered.
  • Complying with various environmental and socioeconomic laws and regulations
  • Simplifying acquisition process that fulfills need for full and open competition

Cooperative Purchasing Agreements

We are partnered with these co-ops that empower public entities to procure our services easily and often without the need to develop and review Requests for Proposal (RFP)

1Government Procurement Alliance

This nonprofit national governmental purchasing cooperative allows public agencies to take advantage of existing public contracts to purchase the goods and services they need, at the most competitive prices.

The Interlocal Purchasing System

TIPS-USA is a national purchasing cooperative that leverages the purchasing power of governmental entities in all 50 states. It is available for use by more than 90,000 public and private schools, colleges, universities, cities, counties, and non-profit agencies. Through a single lead agency commissioned by the Texas State Legislature, Region 8 Education Service Center (ESC), TIPS bids and awards contracts to vendors in accordance with procedures mandated by state procurement laws and regulations.

OMNIA Partners

This cooperative contract features competitively bid pricing and terms that greatly simplify the purchasing process for public agencies by satisfying the typical lengthy and complicated bid and contractor qualification process. Options for line item purchasing as well as job-order-contracting are included.

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