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LED Lighting

We develop custom lighting projects that obtain incentive dollars and deliver a strong ROI

LED lighting solutions deliver rapid results

A lighting retrofit is usually one of the most cost-effective ways for clients to reduce energy use. The improvements in LED fixture technology combined with advanced controls now allow for even more savings, with the added benefits of scheduling and knowledge of energy use similar to other building systems.

Our lighting team has installed projects all over the US in all types of industries, from single fixture retrofits to highly controlled systems and comprehensive lighting design.

LED lighting has become increasingly cost-effective over time and is one of the fastest ways for facilities to start decreasing energy use and associated costs. In addition, many professionally engineered projects can qualify for significant utility incentives to offset cost.

In addition, lighting can be one of the first steps in a sustainability strategy - something done with little disruption that can immediately start decreasing energy use.

Start Saving Today

Contact us today to schedule your no cost facility performance and energy analysis to evaluate your lighting and identify opportunities for savings.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Achieve Immediate Savings

Improve Visibility

Decrease Maintenance

Obtain Incentive Dollars

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Begin with your lighting

And then expand your sustainability strategy across the entire facility. The portfolio of Mantis Innovation solutions is designed to work in tandem to achieve the best results.

LED lighting & advanced controls

Lighting controls are programmable systems that allow users to manage light output (sometimes including color temperature), monitor energy efficiency, and even enable equipment location tracking. These controls are typically defined as Tier One, Tier Two or Tier Three systems, with the abilities and benefits increasing with each Tier. The most powerful attribute of integrated LED lighting technology is the ability to individually dim fixtures to pre-determined light levels, which allows for additional savings as well as a longer fixture life. Advanced controls allow for:
  • Scheduling during specific hours
  • Integration of photoelectric sensors to dim down fixtures when light is present via windows or skylights
  • The ability to turn fixtures off if the room is sensed to be unoccupied via motion sensors
The end result from LED lighting solutions coupled with advanced controls is increased savings, intelligent control and the ability to tune the lighting system to perfectly match a particular environment.

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