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Data Center Optimization

Maximize mechanical capacity and gain visibility
through custom efficiency solutions

Facility performance solutions for better data center management

We have deep expertise in data center management, energy optimization, airflow management, and controls integration projects.

Our team has developed and installed hundreds of projects, many of which have qualified for utility incentives, in both raised and slab floor data centers. Our data center team has the expertise to identify and integrate dozens of equipment types and varying systems into one, custom controls system.

We've engineered custom designs for dozens of facilities:

  • Connected BAS to all CRAH units for automatic response to thermal needs or emergency
  • Installed airflow management projects incorporating physical best practices such as containment and directional airflow techniques with sensor and BAS integration to create intelligent, efficient use of whitespace
  • Retrofitted rooftop units with custom VFD designs to ramp up and down based on load demand

How well integrated are your data center control systems?

Get a zero-cost professional engineering analysis of how well your data center systems are integrated.

Benefits of Better Data Center Management

Increased Mechanical Capacity

Integrated System Insight

Improved Response Time

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Target the entire facility

Looking for custom engineering from top to bottom in your data center? Look no further. The Mantis Innovation team offers solutions from competitve energy procurement rates to roofing retrofit projects that can extend the lifetime of your data center's roof by years.

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Beyond airflow management: how to further lower PUE

Airflow management best practices have long been touted for lowering energy use by more efficiently cooling a server room. Physical best practices – containment, grommets, perforated tiles, blanking panels, etc. – also require strategy and controls to be effective and really impact PUE.

Taking the delta between the energy from HVAC (chillers, condenser-based systems) and your IT load (converted into tons of cooling needed) reveals your inefficiency. Continuing to drill down on efficiencies of the base HVAC systems themselves (more efficient motors, replacement of end-of-life units with more efficient ones, etc.) can further increase efficiency beyond airflow management techniques.

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