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Crown Castle

Crown Castle: Loop optimization, drycooler retrofit and airflow management

A tenant of 111 8th Avenue’s landmark colocation facility, Crown Castle’s 16,000 square foot data center space faced significant operational inefficiencies. Part of Mantis' efficiency solutions group, the data center team designed a project including data center loop optimization, BMS and airflow management solutions.

A provider of towers, small cells and fiber, the data center needed better mechanical systems to continue delivering premium service for its own customers. The challenges this energy project tackled included:

  • Supply air short circuiting back to the CRACs
  • Pumps constantly running due to no ability to control loop pressure
  • Continuously running dry coolers
  • CRAC overuse resulting in wasted energy and cost



Total Annual Savings


Utility Incentive

953,071  kWh

Total Annual kWh Savings

1.4 years

Project Payback

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Project Results

CRAC Units

4 CRAC units turned off, saving 602,000 kWh

Airflow Management

93% of airflow now directed in front of the rack vs mixing into hot aisle air streams


2 pumps running at 50-75% vs 3 at 100%

Real-time PUE

Real-time Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) metrics

Granular Control

Granular monitoring and control over HVAC equipment based upon sensed temperature and humidity

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