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Every industry faces its own set of issues, and Mantis pride ourselves on tackling industry needs with a breadth of solutions available and ROI at the forefront.


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Ingenuity Unleashed. Results Delivered.

The Story of Mantis

Ingenuity Unleashed. Results Delivered.

The story of Mantis Innovation is not the result of a single idea. We’re not one person’s dream or the product of a single conversation. Instead. Mantis Innovation is the culmination of ideas unleashed. Here's how the story of Mantis begins.

Evolved from a legacy of improving building operations and performance, Mantis Innovation represents the best of collaboration and of what happens when formerly disparate groups merge under common ownership and choose the same path forward.

We are proud of our legacies. We are emboldened by our collective solutions. We are ingeniously defining our future – as one.

A story of collaboration, innovation, and listening to our clients

Where We Started

We’ve always had our feet firmly planted in the world of buildings.  From the energy that powers them to their assets and operations: enabling better facility performance is foundational to who we are.

But our clients spoke up. They wanted to address more than just energy costs. Or roofs. They wanted to better manage their facility spending and asset performance – as a whole. So, we listened, and we did something about it.

The original Mantis Innovation business units merged under a holding company to address the demands of the market – until the common needs of our clients spoke louder than each individual business unit.

Today, a single buyer is often concerned with facility management, environmental impact, and smart operations.  They are on a journey to technology-enabled solutions and sustainable best practices but struggle to find the next step while protecting their bottom line. These truths led the foundational Mantis divisions to intertwine their offerings and boldly step forward into the future as a unified brand.

Envisioning Our Tomorrow

Sustainability isn’t one-size-fits-all, and every business is at a different point along their journey towards more sustainable operations. Mantis bridges the chasm between the old and the new. Our mission is to empower facilities teams with integrated facility management programs in order to achieve their business strategy without compromising day-to-day-responsibilities.

Transitioning to a more sustainable future is a challenge that demands smart business choices, operational excellence, intuitive technology platforms, and profitable results. Mantis values the importance of the bottom line while engineering smart solutions to improve operations and move towards increased sustainability.

Evolution of Mantis

With organizational roots dating back to 2001, the Mantis Innovation team comes from an extensive background in energy strategy and facilities management.

This timeline identifies dates critical to the formation of Mantis Innovation, as well as the organic initiatives and sustainability milestones that form the underpinnings of our solutions today.

How We’re Getting There

While we hold a vision of a greener future, we are concerned with the power, systems, and structures that compose today’s facilities.  Whether using less power, incorporating green power, or extending the lifetime of a facility’s infrastructure, we work at the crossroads of where a facility is operating today and where owners/operators want to be tomorrow.

Mantis Innovation delivers technology-enabled solutions that impact all elements of facility performance – integrating metrics and visibility into every aspect of building management sets Mantis apart.

Together, we are writing a new story of managed facility services and turnkey program management, translating into operational success for clients across North America.

For our clients, we are an advocate. We are an advisor. We are a trusted partner.

We are: Mantis Innovation. 

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