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News | September 22, 2021

Mantis Innovation Wins Two ERCG Excellence Awards

The Energy Solutions Division of Mantis Innovation was recently presented with two ABC Excellence Awards for Overall Satisfaction and Share of Supplier Top 5 by the Energy Research Consulting Group

Houston, TX – September 22, 2021 Mantis Innovation, provider of smart, sustainable solutions to improve facility performance, announced today that its Energy Solutions division recently received two ABC (Aggregators, Brokers, and Consultants) Excellence Awards from the Energy Research Consulting Group (ERCG). The Mantis Energy Solutions division featured two broker entities: Patriot Energy was named Top Broker in Overall Satisfaction and EMEX won Top Broker in Share of Supplier Top 5, meaning the company who most commonly ranked top 5 for sales volume and market share among suppliers. The awards were granted based on the results of ERCG’s annual survey that assesses vital indicators in those who work with, or as, third-party intermediaries in the energy market.

Key drivers for winning the ERCG awards include treating suppliers like partners, having a fair and transparent process for winning business, and having accurate and complete client information. Over 180 firms participated in ERCG’s study in 2020. ABC Excellence Award rankings are based on surveys of participating suppliers, representing an estimated 69% of U.S. power sales conducted through the ABC segment. This award marks the second time in the last three years that Patriot Energy has won the prize for Overall Satisfaction.

“These awards reflect our ongoing mission at Mantis to not only provide turnkey, sustainable solutions, but to also ensure 100% satisfaction throughout the process,” said Steve Campbell, President of Energy Solutions, Mantis Innovation. “Our strong relationships with the supplier community reflect our ability to deliver the highest level of service and success for clients of Mantis Innovation. We’re honored to be again named among the winners of the ERCG awards.”

“In a highly fragmented ABC market, with potentially thousands of firms that suppliers can work with, the suppliers have coalesced very strongly around Mantis Innovation this year,” said Young Kim, Principal, ERCG. “As shown through both of its awards, Mantis Innovation is a leader in the energy broker industry with a demonstrated history of producing success for its clients. Furthermore, they have set a new high-water mark in Overall Satisfaction among supplier partners.”

EMEX and Patriot Energy rebranded to Mantis Innovation in June 2021. Electricity & natural gas broker services are still provided by EMEX, LLC and Patriot Energy Group, Inc., as divisions of Mantis Innovation.

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