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Discover Mantis Innovation


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Turnkey Program Management

What’s Turnkey Program Management

Beyond brick and mortar, the complex mechanical and technology systems that have become a part of our daily business lives would have been considered science fiction just a few decades ago. With these vast and interconnected systems comes an array of vendor relationships and skill sets that can bog down even the savviest of facility managers. This challenge – in short – is why we’re defining what turnkey program management means for companies that are striving for optimal facility operations today and tomorrow.

Energy Efficiency Tips for Grocery Stores

Director of Project Management for Mantis Innovation, Tom Cashman has offered a strong background in energy efficiency during his 5+ years with the team. Specifically, Tom worked in the grocery facilities industry prior to joining Mantis, and this experience has uniquely positioned him to understand how this type of building can benefit from energy solutions. We asked Tom a series of questions to learn more about energy efficiency in the grocery store industry.