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Werner Co

Werner Co: LED Lighting

The makers of some of the world’s best and most widely-used jobsite equipment needed an improved jobsite for their own workers based in the Midwest.

Werner Co, international manufacturer of ladders, scaffolding, safety gear and other jobsite equipment, faced failing LED lighting and poor light levels in their Illinois facility.

The efficiency solutions team at Mantis Innovation designed and built a comprehensive LED lighting upgrade for the 500,000 square foot building. We collaborated with Crescent Electrical Supply to source industry standard products. The compelling savings and utility incentive funding met the required project ROI set by Werner’s finance team.

In just 1.6 years, Werner will see a full payback on their investment while providing vastly improved working space and lowering environmental impact in the meantime.



Total Annual Savings


Utility Incentive

1,473,000 kWh

Total Annual kWh Saved

1.6 years

Project Payback

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Project Reflections

The Werner team offered up some their own experience of this project and what it was like to work with the team.

Complete Solution

"Working with them was awesome, and ... got us past the finish line to a complete solution.”


"The thing that I liked most was the flexibility of the staff; working around what myself and the Werner facility needed."

Addressing Needs

"That was the best thing: knowing [they were] listening to what we needed and then putting it in place."

Meeting ROI

"They really went above and beyond in addressing everything that was necessary, including meeting the ROI."



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