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Simmons University

Simmons University: LED Lighting and controls upgrade

Founded in 1899, Simmons is a private university that sits in the heart of Boston, Massachusetts. Featuring a historic campus and 8:1 student/faculty ratio, Simmons delivers a high quality and boutique experience to its students. This includes close attention to the operations of its buildings as well.

The efficiency solutions group's LED lighting team engineered this design/build project to feature new lighting, retrofitted lamps and fixtures with added occupancy controls. A turnkey project, this upgrade started with a no-cost audit to identify the opportunities and resulted in retrofits taking place in two primary buildings on campus, including the Main College Building and the sports center.



Total Annual Savings


Utility Incentive

306,500 kWh

Total Annual kWh Saved

2.6 years

Project Payback

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Project Benefits

Energy Use

Decreased kWh usage in these buildings’ lighting systems by 79%.


Over time, Simmons' kWh savings equate to 410 barrels of oil or 42 cars taken off the road!

Occupancy Sensors

Added or replaced 35% of this project’s fixtures with built-in occupancy sensors. Our team finetuned these fixtures to turn off and save additional energy when areas are unoccupied.

Pool Aesthetics

Improved the pool area with both wattage savings and higher lumen output. The increased lumens resulted in a more inviting and brighter space.

Installing around student schedules

Another challenge we tackle on all university projects is working around staff and student schedules. Our team completed the project in a combination of 1st, 2nd and 3rd shifts to finish the job with as minimal disruption as possible.

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