Patriot Energy Receives Aggregators, Brokers and Consultants (ABC) Excellence Award

Patriot Energy Group, one of the largest and fastest growing retail electricity and natural gas management firms in the U.S., was recently presented with the ABC Excellence Award by Energy Research Consulting Group (ERCG).

The news comes following the conclusion of ERCG’s annual survey of the suppliers, aggregators, brokers, and consultants, which assesses a range of indicators critical to those who work with or as third-party intermediaries in restructured energy markets.  The ABC Excellence Award represents the highest honor a broker can earn based on the data generated from the study.

“The award illustrates the company’s heightened focus on client satisfaction through industry relationships, supplier collaboration on increasing the number of innovative solutions and services available to the market, which Patriot views as critical to driving growth,” said Craig Wall, Senior Director of Supplier and Product Management.

“Over 50 top ABC firms were ranked by suppliers in the ERCG survey, and Patriot Energy took the #1 spot this year in Overall Supplier Satisfaction, leapfrogging many in a very strong field. This award is a testament to Patriot’s commitment to meeting the ever-changing needs of their customers and their supplier partners,” said Young Kim, Principal at ERCG.

Over 180 firms participated in ERCG’s study in 2018. ABC Excellence Award rankings are based on surveys of participating suppliers, representing an estimated 78% of U.S. power sales conducted through the ABC segment.

About Patriot Energy Group

Patriot Energy Group is one of the largest and fastest growing retail electricity and natural gas management firms in the country that operates in all competitive markets throughout the United States. As a client-side energy broker and advisor, Patriot Energy Group works closely with its customers to help manage risks associated with energy costs. Patriot Energy Group has a 17-year proven track record of energy procurement, representing over $500 million in energy spending. Patriot Energy Group offers professionally managed and diverse energy purchasing strategies, which combine unique fixed, index, and hybrid rate structures, as well as a comprehensive suite of energy efficiency and management options.

About ERCG and the 2018 ABC Study

ERCG provides business intelligence and consulting services to energy market participants on entry strategies, investment opportunities, and market & policy dynamics. The 2018 National ABC Study is a survey-based analysis of third-party intermediaries in restructured energy markets. An online survey was administered during November and December 2018. Over 180 suppliers, aggregators, brokers, and consultants participated.