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Warehouse and Storage

Energy, Facilities, and Sustainability Solutions for the Warehouse and Storage Industry

The warehouse and storage industry is a dynamic force in the logistics sector, ensuring the seamless flow of goods in response to evolving market demands. Key advantages define its success: prioritizing environmental impact by adopting eco-friendly practices, achieving cost savings through operational efficiency, ensuring strict regulatory compliance, enhancing brand reputation through reliable operations and sustainability, contributing to supply chain resilience by adapting to market fluctuations, and implementing robust risk management strategies.

As a linchpin in the global supply chain, warehouses play a pivotal role in meeting consumer and business needs. The industry's adaptability and commitment to efficiency underscore its crucial position in shaping a sustainable and responsive logistics landscape.

Core Challenges 

These are the unique challenges that face the Retail and Grocery industry.

Supply Chain Disruptions

External factors like natural disasters, geopolitical events, and global pandemics can disrupt the supply chain, impacting the timely arrival of goods and creating challenges for warehouse operations.

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Limited Space

Warehouses, particularly in urban areas, grapple with space constraints, leading to inefficient storage practices and challenges in accommodating growing inventory.

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Inventory Management Issues

Accurate record-keeping and tracking stock movements pose challenges, resulting in problems like overstocking, stockouts, and increased carrying costs.

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Technology Integration

Adopting and upgrading technology, such as advanced warehouse management systems (WMS) and automation, is hindered by initial investment costs, training requirements, and potential disruptions during implementation.

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Labor Shortages

Recruiting and retaining skilled workers for tasks like order picking, packing, and operating automated systems is an ongoing challenge in the industry.

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E-commerce Pressure

The surge in online shopping intensifies the need for quick order fulfillment and last-mile delivery, placing pressure on warehouses to streamline processes and invest in efficient logistics.

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Critical Considerations

These are the questions facing decision-makers in the Warehouse and Storage industry, we are here to help answer them.

  • What steps are we taking to make our warehouse operations more environmentally sustainable, such as reducing energy consumption and minimizing waste?


  • Are our current technology systems, including warehouse management systems and automation, up-to-date and effectively supporting our operations?


  • How can we enhance visibility across the entire supply chain, from investors to suppliers to end-users, to improve coordination and responsiveness to changes or disruptions? How can we be transparent in our climate impact?


  • What mechanisms are in place to identify areas for improvement within our warehouse processes, and how are these improvements implemented?


  • How well are we adapting to evolving customer expectations, particularly in terms of faster shipping, real-time tracking, and flexible delivery options?

How Mantis Helps

Mantis has been serving warehouse and storage sector clients for over a decade. From multi-facility roofing programs for buildings dispersed across large geographic areas to large-scale lighting and HVAC retrofits that improve staff well-being, we are in tune with the needs of clients in this market.

Key Advantages

  • Increase building efficiency
  • Real-time building analytics
  • Precision environmental control
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Cost savings via increased efficiency
  • Supply chain resilience
  • Risk management

Case Studies

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