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Logistics Industry

Energy, Facilities and Sustainability Solutions for the Logistics Industry

The logistics industry is constantly in motion, balancing everything from customer demand to ever-changing weather conditions. Logistics is an integral part of the global supply chain, keeping consumers and businesses worldwide supplied with the products they need when they need them. Customers want access to a large range of products at their convenience and without additional shipping costs.

Additionally, sustainability is becoming more of a factor as customers choose which companies to do business with, making energy optimization and efficiency investments mission-critical for logistics companies.

Core Challenges 

These are the unique challenges that face the Logistics industry.

Changing Customer Expectations

At both the consumer and business level, customers are becoming more demanding. They expect to receive quality goods from a variety of vendors on their timeline, and they don’t want to shoulder the costs of delivery. At every step of the logistics cycle, customers want better service at lower cost. Additionally, customers are paying more attention to how companies operate and showing a clear preference for those who prioritize green initiatives

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Supply Chain Uncertainty

There are many players in the supply chain, and any changes or disruptions can move through the chain like a falling domino. Over the past few years, raw material limitations have significantly impacted product availability and spurred logistical complexity. Other variables such as labor, energy, and transportation are daily considerations as well.

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Global Ripple Effects

The interconnected nature of the global supply chain is a double-edged sword. When things are running smoothly, roads, waterways, and other channels provide uninterrupted transfers between areas, but if one section is compromised, the effects can be felt worldwide. The logistics industry must keep an eye on the global landscape and be ready to act quickly if needed.

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Increased Competition

There are an increased number of start-up companies playing in this space. Additionally, to mitigate many of their pain points such as increased costs or decreased material availability, some of the industries’ own customers are starting their own logistics operations.

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Weather Uncertainty

From paralyzing winter storms to unpredictable hurricanes, the logistics industry deals with fluctuating environmental conditions every day. This dynamic is expected to continue as the impacts of global climate change become more pronounced, and logistics companies must have backup plans to continue making deliveries while keeping their employees safe.

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Critical Considerations

These are the questions facing decision-makers in the Logistics industry, we are here to help answer them.

  • What is my logistical organization’s total environmental impact picture, including energy consumption, water usage, waste, and carbon emissions? How can we prioritize our sustainability roadmap?


  • How can my organization best use facility and energy data to lower costs while improving efficiencies? Are there opportunities to ensure predictable, defensible facilities budgets?


  • What is the future of renewable energy sources in our logistics company? What is the feasibility of transitioning partially or fully to renewable sources such as onsite solar or Virtual Power Purchase Agreements (VPPAs)?

  • How do our facilities appear to investors, tenants, and the general public? Are we able to substantiate corporate claims of sustainability? Can we hit our sustainability targets without breaking the bank?

How Mantis Helps

Mantis has been partnering with logistics organizations for nearly a decade as these firms are increasingly seeking opportunities to reduce operating costs, meet evolving customer demands, and find effective ways to achieve sustainability targets.

A fast-changing industry requires a future-focused, results-driven, and consultative partner that can help logistics organizations understand, benchmark, and manage their entire facility footprint both in terms of physical assets as well as energy use and sustainability planning and implementation.

Key Advantages

  • Cost Savings
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Brand Reputation Enhancement
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Improved Environmental Impact

Case Studies

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