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Ways to Work on Your Net Zero Targets


Every industry faces its own set of issues, and Mantis pride ourselves on tackling industry needs with a breadth of solutions available and ROI at the forefront.


Explore sustainability articles, highlighted projects, and ways we can partner together.


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Integrated Facility Management

Mantis Innovation is your trusted partner to deliver smart, sustainable solutions that reimagine facility performance.

Complete expertise matters

Mantis Innovation delivers better facility sustainability and performance outcomes through:

Our Expertise

When it comes to sustainability, we'll meet you where you are.

As more businesses journey towards increased sustainability, they need experienced partners to transform today’s operations into tomorrow’s results. Mantis Innovation delivers smart, sustainable solutions to improve facility performance from any starting point along this journey.

More efficient lighting

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Procuring green energy

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Planning a
solar project

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Upgrading  equipment

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Longer life for your  roof and pavement

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Optimizing what
you have

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Increased control of
your building

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Using your existing energy better

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Here's how we're helping clients get there:

Managed Facility Services

Client programs that offload in-house burden to a team of experts.

Turnkey Program Management

End-to-end solution delivery with a white glove service.

Procurement & Optimization

Optimized procurement strategies that include sources of sustainability.

Uncover topics and coverage about issues that matter to better facility performance

At Mantis Innovation, we're committed to providing high quality thought leadership on topics we care most about. Our resource section inclues blog posts and industry insights, sourced from our in-house experts. We spotlight case studies and project examples that represent results we're proud of. And we provide regular news updates and market intelligence to keep you informed.

The numbers

Billion square feet of facility space managed

Million metric tons CO2 greenhouse gas reduction

Million annual therms
under contract

Thousand clients across North America

TerraWatt hours annual amount under contract

Percent Lowered
facility spend

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