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Manufacturing Industry

Energy, Facilities and Sustainability Solutions for Manufacturing

Manufacturing sector organizations are continually seeking new ways to increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), decrease downtimes, maximize inventory turnover, and minimize storage costs. Each of these metrics have a direct impact on the organization’s energy investments.

As a critical pillar of the global supply chain, optimization of energy and efficiency investments in the sector represents both an upstream and downstream economic boon to manufacturers and their customers.

Core Challenges 

These are the unique challenges that face the manufacturing industry.

Global Competition

Global Competition

The manufacturing industry is among the most globalized commercial sectors, and thereby directly impacted by market forces domestic and abroad, and the vulnerability to be undercut on price.

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Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

As with most heavy industries, commercial manufacturing organizations are among the most heavily regulated, with well-established operating standards and broad enforcement mechanisms. Domestic industries will often confront a distinct disadvantage when attempting to compete with lesser-regulated foreign entities.

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Sustainability and Environmental Concerns

Sustainability and Environmental Concerns

Like most industries, manufacturing sector organizations are attempting to achieve the balance of off-setting their global environmental impact while realizing the inherent economic advantages of contemporary sustainable business practices.

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Economic Volatility

Economic Volatility

With delivery of goods and profits heavily susceptible to the unpredictable forces of the global supply chain, manufacturing organizations are continually searching for insulation from these forces and sources of protection from costs and pricing instability.

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Aging Infrastructure

Aging Infrastructure

As a sector whose economic lifeblood runs through the built environment, a manufacturing organization’s operating infrastructure is commonly understood to be a depreciating asset. Maximizing profits often means operational optimization of owned infrastructure resources.

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Manufacturing Industry

Critical Considerations

These are the questions facing decision-makers in the manufacturing industry, we are here to help answer them.

  • What is my manufacturing organization’s total environmental impact picture, including energy consumption, water usage, scrap and defect waste, and carbon emissions? Auditing existing impact will begin to articulate the priorities of your sustainability roadmap.

  • Where does my organization fall on the regulatory scale today? What regulations are likely on the horizon wherein compliance will represent the cost of doing business?

    How can we reduce energy consumption? Are there opportunities to optimize facilities, processes, energy management, or employee productivity?

  • What is the role of renewable energy sources in our manufacturing sector? What is the feasibility and longer-term advantages of transitioning partially or fully to renewables.

  • How can we minimize waste generation? What is our organization’s opportunity to optimize materials usage, implement recycling programs, or better define our position in the circular economy?

How Mantis Helps

Mantis’ holistic approach to facility performance and sustainability is closely aligned with the needs of our manufacturing clients. We’re looking across building systems and over entire portfolios to improve performance, drive down operating costs, and make the most of precious facility budgets, all while improving working conditions and driving toward reduced emissions.

Our manufacturing clients range from automotive to food production. Our work for logistics companies and owners of warehouse space and distribution centers keeps us up to date with the changing needs of the supply chain and the goods moving through it.

Key Advantages

  • Cost Savings
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Operational Clarity
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Supply Chain Resilience
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Brand Reputation Enhancement

Case Studies

Learn more about how manufacturing companies are transforming facility performance while making progress along their unique journey towards increased sustainability.

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