The Mantis 4,703K Fun Run FAQs

When does the challenge end?

The challenge officially ends on Thanksgiving, November 26th.

How are teams determined?

Teams of 10 (depending on response) will be randomly selected.

What activities count towards mile for my team?

Running, walking or cycling all will qualify.

Do all activity miles count the same?

We know it will take much longer while running and walking, so we are giving those activities a 3X multiplier.

How do we log miles?

Each team will be given a unique URL to log miles for their team. Each teammate will be responsible for logging their own activities.

Do I add the walking or running multiplier when logging my workout?

Nope, it will be taken care of for you.

Do Peloton workouts count towards miles for my team?


Do we need to send proof of miles?

Nope, this is 100% honor system. Please be honest.

How will we be able to keep up with the other teams progress?

Each week we will send an update to everyone participating with the standings.

What if we forget to log miles after an activity?

No worries, just hop in and add backdated mile.

Do my daily activities count as walking miles?

No. It will need to be a tracked activity.

What if I don’t have a fitness tracker?

No biggie, you will just need to be creative and check Google Maps for your distance.

Can I ride my unicycle or tricycle for mile?



If you have any questions that were not addressed, please contact