Our Efficiency Solutions offer a comprehensive approach to improving facility energy use and decreasing operational spend.

Energy efficiency solutions lower costs, decrease maintenance and improve building performance. We build efficiency solutions that maximize comprehensive energy savings and improve facility operations for increased sustainability.

We work with large commercial and industrial clients across North America, including biotech, data centers, education, healthcare, manufacturing and more.

Turnkey, design/build energy Efficiency Solutions can be qualified for significant utility incentives, resulting in cost-effective projects with an attractive Return on Investment.

Our projects deliver continual financial results over time and often qualify for significant utility incentive subsidies. As a national provider of effective energy savings solutions, we identify efficiency opportunities, qualify projects for utility incentives, provide turnkey project management and install efficiency measures.

Our energy Efficiency Solutions include:

  • LED lighting retrofits with lighting controls
  • HVAC/Mechanical system upgrades
  • Building Management System and controls integrations
  • Data center optimization and controls management
  • Utility incentive program qualification
  • No-cost energy audits for commercial and industrial buildings

Strategic efficiency projects can deliver sustainability outcomes and maximize savings while minimizing expenditure.

Mantis Innovation offers these solutions through their efficiency division, Fairbanks Energy Services.

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